Dictionary.com states: Chiropractic is a therapeutic system based primarily upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system, the method of treatment usually being to adjust the segments of the spinal column.

What does that mean, and why are people getting better from it?

Circulation is the key.

There are times when we are experiencing pain and tension due to lack of circulation; and this can be caused by the compression of a joint, and the side effects that occur from it.

A joint is made of two bones.

These bones should glide along each other over a cushion of soft cartilage and a gap between the two bones filled with synovial fluid.

The type of circulation that brings this area its nutrients is called imbibition; the movement creates a pumping motion that moves the fluids around the “bathe” the joint.

Incomplete motion will result in incomplete bathing and moving of nutrients, resulting on degeneration.

Traumatic injuries can result in compression of joints.

So can long term improper posture.

If our weight is evenly distributed on our discs (a cushion between the vertebrae), all can be well.

If we put more weight on one part of the disc for hours on end; example sitting at a computer; we can cause part of the disc to expand sideways creating a bulging disc.

Sometimes this decompression, immediate or over time, can irritate the nerve that exits between the vertebrae that the disc is cushioning.

I relate this to your eyeball being poked by a finger. Even after you take the finger away from the eyeball, it still hurts for about 20 minutes.

If you poke your nerve, it hurts for about 10 days.  If you poke it again, you start the clock over for another 10 days.

When a nerve gets irritated, it triggers the surrounding muscles to go into spasm to stabilize the joint.

This further reduces circulation and increases pain.


How I can help is by restoring proper circulation.

Depending on who comes in, and what happened, depends on the exact therapies that I will do.


I utilize a lot of muscle and soft tissue therapy; massage.  I’ve been doing it since 1997.

I use a combination of decompression, manual adjustments, and stretching to create circulation through out the spine.  I’ve been doing that since 2005.

Nutritional supplementation also improves health.

If you have had blood chemistry measured, and you would like advice on which supplements to take based on it, I can help.

You are the boss of your body.  If you know what works best for you, I would appreciate the insight in order to serve you best as I can.

I relate what I do to chipping away at the areas that need to be restored, and maintaining health when it’s good.

I do not sell long term care plans based on X-rays and scare tactics.

I do offer a free consultations.

I do offer a guarantee that if I tell you I can help, I will.


There are many forms of chiropractic.  I have said that there are as many forms of chiropractic as there are chiropractors.

I choose to be the best.

Michael Coppola

Chiropractic & Acupuncture